Owner: Toshi Nakasone

Our Story 

What began as a part time job working for a pre-existing mobile DJ company, Toshi (owner) quickly transformed his DJ-ing hobby and passion for music into a well rounded and admirable mobile DJ business.  While in the midst of studying Biology at UH Manoa, Toshi quickly realized that he wanted to do nothing more than turn his DJ hobby in to a full time career.  He determined that his ultimate goal

would be to not only make a living out of what he loves to do, but to do so in a way that would also provide high quality service to customers looking to have energetic and memorable events. Throughout his time as an up and coming DJ, and knowing that he is a people person himself, Toshi quickly realized that he would be capable of providing superior customer service and a better overall experience that what

he was accustomed to seeing in the entertainment industry.  In an entertainment world where a large number of DJʻs and Emceeʻs are seeking to be the center of attention themselves, Toshi and the Spectrum team know that its your party, your celebration, and that you should be the main highlight of the event.  Thus Spectrum Entertainment was born alongside the company motto - "Itʻs all about you".

The main goal of Spectrum Entertainment is to throw a party the way you want it, to have the attention be on who you want it to be on, and have an event that everyone will remember for a lifetime.  

In addition to DJʻing and providing music for their events, Toshi quickly entered the realm of lighting, as no event is complete without lighting. Today, Spectrum Entertainment is proud to say that they are capable of

providing the complete audio and visual experience for their events with quality uplighting and dance lighting featured services.  

As the company was established during a time of impressive new technologies in sound and lighting, Spectrum Entertainment was  able to invest and build off of equipment that is top of the line in terms of crisp

clear sound and power efficient bright lighting.  In a world that is constantly evolving and developing new ways of doing things, it was important for Toshi to establish a company that was capable of doing things the right way, and capable of delivering new technologies and the best of services to their clients.