Tips and Tricks

We realize that the planning process is a tough time for everyone.  So let us take some of the stress off of you and give you some tips that might make things a little easier!

  • Take the time to schedule a meeting and get to know your DJ/Emcee.  Scheduling a meeting is one of the best ways for us to understand what exactly you as our client may be expecting from us.  It also gives us a chance to further describe our services, and talk about specifics as each event is different in its own way.  Our attention to detail is paramount, and what better way for everyone to be on the same page than a sit down meeting, or a Skype, or even a phone conference.  For any type of event, the planning process is a very stressful time.  So let us take one of the monkeys off your back, and allow yourself to rest assured knowing that we know what you want, and that every point of detail has been attended to.  Most importantly, you will want to get to know the DJ or Emcee that you will be working with, as opposed to just meeting for the first time on the day of the event.  Our services are greatly enhanced by an open and mutual relationship between us, so take the time to get to know who you are working with and it will lead up to the ultimate level of happiness on your special day!

  • Talk to us about your budget.  We don't want a limited budget to be the reason why you don't get to experience Spectrum Entertainments top notch services!  If you feel comfortable doing so right off the bat, or your initial quote doesn't fit your budget, don't hesitate to let us know your budget and we would be happy to put together a package that fits within your price range if at all possible.  

  • Enjoy young and energetic talent.  Here at Spectrum Entertainment we strive to never create a routine, as each event is different in itself.  We enjoy the variability from event to event and as all of our staff members are young and eager to do great work, you will quickly notice the passion our team has to offer.

  • Emcee and DJ teamwork.  Teamwork, is one thing that is very important to us.  Although we are more than capable of working with other DJʻs and Emceeʻs, nothing runs smoother and more seamlessly than an event that is conducted by a team in which the Emcee and DJ are very familiar with working with each other.  The value of having an Emcee that knows exactly what the DJ is going to do next, and vice versa, is indescribable.

  • Go with a white tent.  For outdoor events, when you are faced with the decision of using a clear tent or a white tent, we highly recommend going with the white tent.  The reason we suggest the white tent over the clear tent is because when we angle the uplighting in the tent, the white tent yields a wonderful surface for our custom LED uplighting capable of matching any color scheme something to reflect off of.  Although a clear tent could arguably provide a more unique look than a white tent, you won’t regret the look of our breathtaking uplighting once the sun sets.

  • Be sure that your venue has power.  This is usually not an issue with indoor venues but with outdoor venues it is always something to check on.  We ask for a minimum of two separate 120amp circuits.